Marc’s hands trembled as he reached for his cell phone. As soon as he had it safely in his sweaty palm, a pair of gloved hands clamped onto his shoulders and pulled him roughly back into his chair. Marc sighed with pleasure as the scent of Master’s leather gear filled his nostrils, and the sensation of Master’s hands on his naked body sent waves of arousal radiating outward from each point of contact. 

The phone continued to ring, but Marc hesitated to answer. He felt awkward taking this call while sitting naked in his Master’s dungeon. It was a further step in blurring the lines between facets of his life that were, until recently, strictly compartmentalized. Master deserved credit for blurring a lot of those lines Himself, and Marc had a hunch that the bank’s urgent requests to speak to him might be related to his new status as Master’s slave. 

Master insisted on being present for any conversation between Marc and his bank, which resulted in several days of phone tag and voicemails to find a suitable time. Marc obeyed Master’s command, even when Marc was by himself and away from His physical and mental control. He knew that if he chose to disobey and Master found out, the punishment would be severe. 

“Answer it,” Master whispered. “And put it on speaker.”  

Master’s physical strength was almost as overpowering as His control over Marc’s mind, behavior, and money. As he sat in the chair, held firmly in place by a pair of strong, muscular arms, Marc doubted whether he could free himself from Master’s grip even if he wanted to. 

“Yes, Master,” Marc said. He tapped the screen to take the call, and as he opened his mouth to say “Hello,” Master reached down and twisted Marc’s nipple, turning the greeting into a yowl of combined pain and pleasure. 

Marc took a deep breath and started over. “Hello, this is Marc Miller.” 

As soon as Marc finished speaking, Master covered his mouth with His gloved hand. Marc inhaled deeply through the nose as Master squeezed tightly on Marc’s jaw. 

“Hi, Mr. Miller, this is Jim from Three Counties Bank. I’m sorry we’ve had trouble connecting this week. I’m sure you understand we prefer not to leave account information over voicemail, so thanks for making yourself available to talk.” 

Master slowly removed his hand from Marc’s mouth. “Of course. What can I do for you?” 

“We’ve noticed some unusual activity on your accounts lately, and we just want to verify some of your recent transactions to ensure they’re not fraudulent.” 

Marc’s hunch was spot on. Three months of Master’s bondage and hypnosis hadn’t left many traces in Marc’s “real” life besides the occasional bruised arms and curious reactions to certain combinations of words. But Master’s steadily increasing control over Marc’s finances had left literal receipts. 

“Is that really necessary?” Marc said. “I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.” 

“It’s for your protection, Mr. Miller,” the banker said. “You’ve been a preferred customer with us for 25 years, and in the last few months, there’s been activity on your accounts unlike anything we’ve seen before.” 

From behind Marc’s chair, Master let out a slow chuckle. Indeed, the last three months had been full of new experiences. 

“Very well,” Marc said, defeated. “Go ahead.” 

“Thank you, Mr. Miller. First, we’ve noticed an uptick in the number of cash withdrawals from ATMs all over the metro area. There’s one almost every day, and it’s always for the maximum amount.” 

As Marc listened to the banker describe the “unusual” activity, Master came around to face him, pulled a fat wallet out of His tight leather pants, and removed a wad of cash. With a sneer that Marc found both arousing and frightening, Master pocketed the wallet again and dealt the $20 and $50 bills out like playing cards. Each bill struck Marc in the face and then tumbled down his naked chest and belly to the floor. 

“These withdrawals were all authorized,” Marc said as a crisp $20 bill came to rest balanced precariously on his hardening cock. 

“Are you sure?” Jim said. “In the last month alone, nearly $10,000 in cash has been withdrawn from your accounts.” Jim hesitated, and then continued. “Mr. Miller, forgive me, but I’m required to ask if you might be the victim of financial exploitation.” 

Marc looked around the dungeon, his gaze finally settling on Master and the bills scattered on the floor between them. Master’s sneer had widened into a full, evil smile, and He raised a single leather-covered finger to His lips in a hushing gesture. 

“Careful what you say,” He whispered. 

Marc nodded. He knew what Master expected him to say, but the strangest thing was that it was no longer a lie. The bondage, the mind control, the taking of his money—none of it was exploitation. It was simply Marc recognizing his proper place as a slave and giving Master what was rightfully His all along. 

“I appreciate your concern, but there’s really no need,” Marc said. His cock twitched, causing the bill balanced on it to flutter down to the concrete floor. “All of the activity on my accounts is being monitored, and there’s nothing unexpected or fraudulent.” Master took the phone out of Marc’s hand, prompting Marc to spit out a quick, “Thanks very much for calling,” before Master hung up. 

“Nice job, slave,” He said. “I almost believed you.” 

“It’s true, Master,” Marc said. “Everything of mine is rightfully Yours—my body, my mind, and my money.” 

Master laughed, took a step forward, and took Marc’s balls in His hand. Marc’s cock jumped from the touch, but pleasure soon mixed with pain as Master started to squeeze. 

“Say it,” Master ordered. 

“Please, Master,” Marc whimpered as arousal sent shivers down his spine.  “Take more of my money.” 

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