The following excerpt is from Relaxing My Uptight Roommate: A Gay Hypnosis Story, which is available exclusively for purchase on Kindle.

“Matt!” Oscar barked. “You’re getting the carpet wet. Go change.” 

Matt scurried down the hallway into Oscar’s bedroom and opened the door to his walk-in closet. He flipped through some shelves of neatly folded T-shirts and shorts, but then his gaze settled on a row of suits, collared shirts, and ties. Matt remembered how, when he first moved in, he would sneak glances of Oscar shedding his business attire at the end of a long workday, but he was no longer thinking about what Oscar looked like. He was thinking about how amazing it would feel to put on one of Oscar’s suits. 

Matt touched the fabric of a navy blue suit jacket and shivered as a wave of pleasure radiated outward from his cock. He was certain this wasn’t what Oscar meant when he said “go shopping” in his closet, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the smart-looking suits. The mindfuck of Oscar looking and acting more and more like Matt over the last several days now had Matt thinking what it would be like to flip the script on his sexy roommate. He wanted to try the suit on, and his cock agreed. 

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