The following excerpt is from A Son for the Weekend: A Gay Taboo/Age Gap Story, which is available exclusively for purchase on Kindle.

The five-hour drive to Bearden’s lake house got off to an uneventful start. As soon as they piled into Ted’s SUV, Matteo put his earbuds in and leaned his seat back. The younger hunk was asleep and snoring before they even got onto the highway. As relieved as Ted had been when Matteo agreed to come along, he grew more and more anxious with each passing mile. After an hour on the road, he was even questioning the wisdom of his decision. The lie had gotten so far out of hand that Ted was bringing a stranger to a weekend at his boss’ house, and despite Matteo’s initial acceptance of Ted’s offer, there was no guarantee that he would agree to also play the role of Ted’s son for the next three days. 

It didn’t help Ted’s anxiety that Matteo was mind-numbingly hot. More than once, Ted’s attention wandered from the road ahead to the sleeping stud next to him, especially once he stretched out in the passenger’s seat and put his ripped body on full display. Even if Matteo played along, would Ted be able to? He would have to be on his best behavior, lest his boss catch him stealing glances at the hot younger guy who would be masquerading as his son. 

By the halfway point of the trip, Ted was hungry for both food and sex but settled for curing just the former as he pulled into a diner off the interstate. Matteo was initially reluctant to stop for lunch but changed his mind quickly after Ted offered to pay. 

“Listen, man,” Ted said as Matteo started eating his bacon cheeseburger. “I need to tell you something about this trip.” 

Matteo continued to eat in silence as Ted told him the whole story, and by the end, he was grinning slyly. “So if I refuse to go along with this, what’ll happen?” 

Ted shifted uneasily in the booth. He didn’t like the way Matteo was looking at him or the way he asked his question. “I don’t really know. I just want to get through the weekend and make a good impression on my boss.” 

“Interesting,” Matteo said. “You think you’ll get fired?” 

“I-I don’t know,” Ted said and then changed the subject. “Are you working your way through school or something?” 

Matteo waved a hand to silence Ted. “No, no, no. Let’s go back to your thing. What did you think was going to happen when we got there?” 

Ted’s discomfort was evident in his expression. He wasn’t expecting Matteo to be so direct. “I guess I thought, I hoped, that I’d look good in front of my boss, you’d keep yourself entertained enough to keep a low profile, and at the end of the weekend, we’d shake hands like men and go our separate ways.” 

The silence between the two was deafening, and Matteo’s sly smile widened to light up his whole face. Ted felt nervous. Matteo smiled like a man in a position of power with the intent of using it. 

Matteo scratched his left pec and then shoveled a handful of French fries into his mouth. “Fair enough,” he replied with his mouth full. “What’s my name?” 

“Teddy,” Ted said. 

Matteo erupted in a guffaw that startled the old couple two booths over. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” 

“Hey, I panicked,” Ted said, relieved that the rising tension had been broken somewhat. He could see Matteo’s abs moving up and down in time with his laughter, pushing against his tight tank top in rhythmic waves of flexing and relaxing. It was hot. 

“Okay,” Matteo said. “I’m Teddy Russo. Can I go by Junior?” 


“Sure, what?” Matteo said, his tone shifting upward to match his cunningly arched eyebrow. 

“Sure, Junior,” Ted said. Matteo smiled again, but this time he seemed genuinely pleased rather than scheming. Ted blushed as the authentic smile showcased how truly handsome Matteo was. The stirrings of arousal below Ted’s belt belied the artificial father-son dynamic forming tableside, and he found himself leaning into the charade even more. “Whatever you want, Sport.” 

“Thanks, dad,” Matteo said, his smile widening further. “I think I’m in the mood for dessert. What do you say… old man?” 

The unexpected role play coupled with Matteo’s sexy body and model good looks were playing havoc with Ted’s cock. It felt strange that Matteo should be arousing him while they were bandying about these nicknames for each other. Yet Ted couldn’t deny that his shaft was swelling in his briefs and creating a bigger bulge in the crotch of his jeans. He went for it again. 

“Sure, Son,” Ted said, hoping the extra time for dessert would allow him to will away his growing erection. “Dessert it is. Today’s a special day.” 

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