The following excerpt is from Caged at Work: A Gay Chastity Story, which is available exclusively for purchase on Kindle.

This is your productivity system?” Tom said, holding up the small metal object. “This is a chastity cage.” 

Larson shot Tom a stern look, but Benjamin defused the rising tension with a casual wave of the hand. 

“I prefer to call it a Concentration and General Efficiency device, or CAGE, for short.” 

As Tom looked around the room, it was clear that none of his colleagues had ever seen a chastity cage before. He turned to Larson, who was fiddling with a set of differently sized rings on the table. “And you want us to wear these? At work?”

“What’s the matter, Tom?” Larson replied. “You intimidated by a couple pieces of metal and a padlock?” 

Larson’s challenge made Tom feel like he was two inches tall. “N-No, Sir,” he stammered, “I just don’t see how wearing these at work will improve our productivity.” 

“It’s not just at work,” Benjamin said. “The CAGE is only one component of the system. The software integration requires the user to remain caged and logged in at all times.” 

Nate leaned forward and raised his hand. “This isn’t going to work for me. My wife and I are trying to have a baby.” 

A few other employees murmured their discontent, and Benjamin looked momentarily overwhelmed. Tom watched Benjamin look almost pleadingly at Larson, who stood up from his chair and held out a hand to silence the growing din. 

“Listen, gentlemen. I know I’ve made some big changes around here, but no one in this room can honestly say I’ve steered you wrong yet. I expect each of you to meet this challenge like men, or else, you know my three favorite words.” 

Tom looked at the metal chastity cage sitting on the table in front of him and then looked back up at Larson, who was pointing at the windows and the parking lot outside. 

“At-will employment.” 

Tom thought about Nate, who had a wife, a kid, and two mortgages. Would he be willing to walk off a well-paying job with no notice, no severance, and no reference? Comparatively, Tom was in a much better position to give the middle finger to Larson, this crazy idea, and this job, but for reasons he couldn’t quite articulate, he hesitated to get up and walk out. The rest of his colleagues seemed equally uncertain of what to do. They all looked back and forth at each other, at Larson, and at the metal cages they’d been given. The silence seemed to go on forever until finally, Larson undid his belt and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor, revealing his cock and balls encased in one of Benjamin’s CAGE units. Tom’s eyes went wide. Amidst Larson’s thick nest of dark pubes, he wore a steel ring snugly around the base of his cock and ball sack, and a shiny tube held his shaft pointing downward. Even with the cage covering most of it, Tom could see that Larson was packing. 

“I’m not telling any of you to do something I’m not willing to do myself,” he said, pointing to his metal-encased manhood. “Now, come on, gentlemen, it’s decision time. Either get on board or get your resume together.” 

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