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Shadow’s grasp

Ted turned down a deserted corridor, leaving the lobby behind and cautiously entering the “OFF LIMITS” area of the historic Capitol Theater. The lobby’s lush decor and the scent of stale popcorn gave way to a functional, slightly chaotic backstage, dimly lit by naked bulbs that cast long, quivering shadows across the walls. The floorboards creaked underfoot with Ted’s every step, disturbing the otherwise tomblike silence.  

Startled by a low-hanging cobweb, Ted reflexively brushed off the lapels of his plaid jacket and rubbed his face. The last thing he needed was a spider in his beard. As he passed racks full of musty old costumes and shelves stacked high with paint cans, he straightened his collar and thumbed the button of the tape recorder in his jacket pocket. This would be the most influential scoop of his career if he could only keep his nerves in check.  

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Shoe Shack

Shoe Shack: Charlie and Vince are on vacation to celebrate their anniversary when Charlie’s cheap shoes fall apart on the way to the restaurant. Thankfully, he spots an old-fashioned shoe shop just down the block, and it looks like it has exactly what he needs. The proprietor is a well-dressed older gentleman whose expert opinion on men’s shoes gives Charlie a whole new perspective. Later that night, Charlie brings Vince back to Shoe Shack so the dapper shoe seller can work with them both together.

Bonus Story! A Pleasure Doing Business: A handsome property developer is trying to shut down Nathan’s independent bookshop. Nathan thinks he must hide his attraction to the older daddy to save his business. But as the deadline toward the ultimatum approaches, Nathan learns that both business and pleasure can coexist in the family-run shop.

Shoe Shack is a 4,700-word short story. A Pleasure Doing Business is a 2,000-word short story. These stories are fictional and describe activities between consenting, unrelated adults who are 18+.

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