Eric’s saga continues from part 2 of “To chase and be chaste.”

Eric tapped the RELEASE button on the screen. With the speed and force of a pressure valve being flipped, the sensation in his new underwear changed. The numbness was gone, and the rigid, plastic encasement felt like fabric again. Tentatively, Eric hooked a finger into the waistband and breathed a sigh of relief when it stretched away from his body. He was free. 

“Thank fuck,” he said, sliding the briefs down his thighs. He sat down naked on his sofa, legs splayed wide, and cradled his phone in his hands. DateMaker had locked him out of his phone once again. A countdown timer now filled the screen, ticking down from five minutes, and a line of text scrolled on a loop below. 

Congratulations! Your request for release was approved. You must reactivate before the timer runs out. 

Like hell I do, Eric thought. He picked up the underwear and threw them across the room. He was grateful to be reunited with his cock after the strange experience, but something was wrong. Now when he tried to fondle himself, his hand went limp. No matter how hard he focused on his hand and his cock, he lost control of both the moment they touched. After a minute of awkwardly pawing and another minute of desperately mashing them against each other, he gave up. 

“God dammit,” Eric said as he got off the sofa. Phone in hand, he padded to the bathroom to answer the call of nature. Whatever prevented him from beating off had the same effect when he tried to hold his cock to piss, and he huffed as something so simple became infuriatingly complex. Impeded by numb hands, he struggled to aim properly and finally just sat to finish. DateMaker’s timer continued to count down as he relieved himself and finally ticked to zero as Eric washed his hands. He glanced at the phone lying on the counter and saw a new banner filling the screen. 

Reactivation failed. Override in progress. 

Eric blinked. He was no longer at the bathroom sink. He now stood in a corner of the living room—the same corner where the DateMaker underwear had landed. Eric was holding his phone in front of his face, his hands still wet and soapy. He felt a familiar snugness in his crotch and hesitated to look down because he knew what he would find. The release timer had expired, and somehow DateMaker managed to compel him to put the underwear back on. 

The timer’s expiration had also ended the lockout on his phone, and Eric found a message from PapaDave001 waiting for him. 

Greetings, DudemeisterEric717. It looks like your account verification will take longer than expected because you didn’t reactivate before the release timer ran out. We will be in touch within the next 48 hours with an update. 

Eric barely had time to read the message in full before the app crashed. It resisted all his attempts to relaunch, and even deleting and re-downloading DateMaker had no effect. The rest of his phone worked as normal, but without the RELEASE button, he was trapped in his smooth, white, plastic prison once again. Eric ran his hand over the surface of the underwear, his frustration growing into despair as he felt nothing through the impenetrable barrier. 

“Forty-eight hours?” 

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