The story continues from part 1 of “To chase and be chaste.”

The tingling sensation in Eric’s underwear increased to the point that he could practically hear the garment hum with erotic intensity. The successive waves of pleasure began to extend beyond his cock and balls, radiating outward in all directions from his crotch and making his body hypersensitive to even the slightest touch. The waves snaked up his spine, and as each one approached closer and closer to the base of his neck, Eric could only paw in vain at his encased bulge. Unable to free himself from the tight, smooth underwear, he attempted to dry hump his sofa as a poor substitute for masturbation. The result was incredibly unsatisfying. 

“Come on, man,” he whined, frustration rising in his voice. “Just let me get in there, man.” 

The feelings inside his underwear were unlike anything Eric had ever felt. When he would beat off while chasing profiles on DateMaker, he was in control. As his DMs escalated, he would adjust his grip and the pace of his stroking accordingly. The intensity of the pleasure was his to control, and he could choose how long he wanted the experience to last. 

The underwear made it different. They were pleasurable, but the feeling was more like the erotic equivalent of watching static on a TV screen: intense, constant, and drowning out any thoughts of feelings that tried to compete. The longer the experience lasted, the harder it was for Eric to form complete thoughts. After ten minutes of constant, mind-numbing static with no release, Eric staggered from the sofa to find his phone. When he saw a new message from PapaDave001 waiting for him, he didn’t know whether to be relieved, aroused, scared, or some combination of the three. 

Greetings, DudemeisterEric717. Thanks for your patience while we work to get your account back in good standing. It looks like you’ve begun the verification process. That’s great! Please be patient as the verification process may take 3-5 business days. In the meantime, we’ve restored some functionality back to your account. Happy DateMaking! 

Reading the message from PapaDave001 quieted the static in Eric’s mind just long enough for him to notice that his phone had been unlocked. He scrolled through his contacts, texts, and a few apps and then breathed a sigh of relief when everything was just as he’d left it. Wondering what “restored functionality” PapaDave001 was referring to, Eric reopened the DateMaker app. His profile was still suspended and his DMs, except for the one with PapaDave001, were all locked, but there was a new banner at the top of the screen that said PRESS TO RELEASE

Release what? Eric thought, but thinking was already becoming more difficult. His balance faltered as clear headedness gave way to the rising tide of pleasure, and he braced himself against the arm of the sofa he’d just been humping a minute before. He sat down and, after futilely trying one last time to tear the underwear away from his body, he gave up and thrust his crotch upward again and again. 

Eric’s eyes crossed as the pleasure ratcheted up in intensity. “Come on,” he said, frantically bucking his hips to bring himself closer to orgasm. His chest with slick with sweat, and his breathing was ragged, but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get over the edge. 

His phone pinged with a notification from DateMaker, but Eric’s mind was awash with the strange, addictive sensations coming from inside the mysterious underwear, and he ignored his phone in favor of more vigorous humping. He felt himself approaching climax. His toes curled, and he gripped at the smooth, unyielding underwear, but his erotic frenzy completely evaporated when the pleasurable tingling suddenly ceased. 

“No! Aw, fuck!” he shouted as successive waves of confusion and disappointment crashed over him instead of lust and euphoria. After all that work and coming so close, having his orgasm taken away at the last second left Eric feeling exhausted and empty. He opened DateMaker on his phone and saw another message from PapaDave001. 

Congratulations, DudemeisterEric717! You’ve passed the initial account verification check. We’re looking forward to getting you back on DateMaker as soon as possible. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to use the new RELEASE function we’ve enabled for you as needed. Sit tight, and we’ll let you know when your account is back in good standing. 

Eric recalled the PRESS TO RELEASE banner at the top of his dashboard. What was its purpose? Should he have pressed it to orgasm? Even though his mind had cleared from the pleasure-induced fog, he had trouble making sense of what was happening to him. His surprise was amplified when he realized his free hand had been resting on his crotch the whole time without noticing. Eric traced the outline of his bulge with his fingertips, and his eyes widened when he felt nothing. There was no pleasure, no arousal, no sensation at all. It was as if the underwear had made him completely numb down there. 

The fabric had changed, too. When he first put the briefs on, they were smooth and stretchy, almost like spandex. They felt thicker and more rigid as if made of polymer, and they extended a few inches further down his thighs than before. The outline of Eric’s cock and balls was gone, too, replaced by a featureless bulge. 

Bewildered, Eric tapped at where he thought his cock would be underneath the thick, white fabric. “I look like I’m wearing a cup.” 

After the interrupted orgasm experience he’d just had, Eric didn’t expect to be able to free himself from the underwear’s confines, but he tried anyway. Just like before, all the seams were flush against his skin and impenetrable. His attempts to get his fingers underneath the fabric or pull it away from his body failed. He was sealed in. 

“Wait a minute,” he said out loud. “What am I supposed to do when I have to piss?” 

He pulled up DateMaker on his phone and hovered his thumb over the PRESS TO RELEASE banner at the top of the screen. Maybe it didn’t have anything to do with orgasming at all. 

Here goes nothing, he thought and pressed the banner, hoping it would free him from DateMaker’s twisted controlling underwear once and for all. 

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