Eric and Max’s predicament comes to an end, of sorts, in the conclusion from “To chase and be chaste, part 4.”

With his pants around his knees, Eric waddled back behind his desk and flopped down into his chair. “Come on,” he said to Max. “Get your phone out and do this with me.” 

“I’m not sure,” Max said, taking a seat in one of the chairs opposite Eric’s desk. “I’ve been trapped in this thing for a week, and I haven’t found a way out of them. I don’t think there is a way.” 

Eric opened a private browser window and pulled up DateMaker. “I can’t take it anymore, man. That meeting was a nightmare. My hands go numb every time they get near my cock. I keep knocking my bulge, and it’s like there’s nothing there. DateMaker can fuck off.” 

Max reluctantly pulled his phone out of his pocket and went along with Eric’s directive. “Okay, I’m setting mine up now. Still kind of nervous about this, man.” 

Eric cradled his phone in his hands like it was made of solid gold. “What do we have to lose? I don’t even give a fuck about DateMaker anymore. I’ll never go on the app again; I just want my cock back.” 

“Yeah,” Matt agreed. “Me, too.” 

Eric logged into his new account and tapped on the “Need Help?” link in the upper corner of the screen. The link took him to his inbox, where a DM from PapaDave001 awaited him. 

Dear DoubleDudemeister, 

It has come to our attention that you have created multiple accounts on our platform to circumvent the verification process currently underway on your primary account, DudemeisterEric717. This is a Terms of Service violation and is grounds for permanently terminating your DateMaker account. 

“Fuck,” Eric exclaimed. “How did they catch on so fast?” 

“What happened?” Max asked. His expression changed from confusion to disbelief when he looked at his phone screen. “Terminate our accounts? But that means getting out of the underwear, right?” 

“Wait a second,” Eric said. “PapaDave001 is typing.” 

During the verification process, we discovered 141 users reported your primary account for inappropriate behavior on our platform. We are transferring your DateMaker profile to our sister site, effective immediately. Happy swiping! 

Eric started to type a reply, but the text input field disappeared. It was as if PapaDave001 had blocked him. “What sister site?” 

“I got the same message,” Max said. “Probably something they buried in the terms and conditions. Data sharing or whatever. Prepare to get spam for the rest of your life.” 

“I don’t care,” Eric said, giving his plasticized bulge a firm knock. “As long as it means I can get out of this thing.” 

Both phones vibrated. A new logo appeared on Eric’s screen. It was similar to DateMaker, but a large red “B” took the place of the “D” in the center. Below the logo, a banner appeared. 

Welcome to BateMaker! 

Max looked at Eric quizzically. “BateMaker? What the hell is th—” 

Eric reacted with horror as Max’s eyes rolled back, and he convulsed in his seat. At first, Eric thought the intern was having a seizure, but his movements looked more like someone experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm. He’d just gotten up from his seat when all his senses were bombarded with pleasurable white noise. 

When Eric came to, he was lying face up on his office floor. He grabbed his phone off the floor and unlocked the screen. Every app on his phone had been removed except for BateMaker. He tapped the icon and saw a message from who else but PapaDave001. 

You belong here now. Have fun. 

“Dude, you all right?” Max asked. 

Eric rolled over and looked at the stud sitting pantsless in the chair. “Yeah, bro. I think so. That felt, I don’t know, kinda good.” 

“Yeah,” Max said. He reached his hands down to fondle his bulge. “Dude. My junk. It’s junk again.” 

Eric felt snug fabric cupping his cock and balls. He was relieved that the plastic encasement was finally gone, but his growing horniness didn’t feel the same as it used to. 

“Bro,” Eric said. “Swiping profiles is dumb. I kinda just want to sit here and bate my cock.” 

“In your office, dude?” Max said. His questioning tone was at odds with the blank, resigned expression on his face. “Oh, yeah, in your office, dude. Jerk at work.” 

Max let out a braying laugh, and Eric joined in. Both men reached into their underwear and began to stroke. 

“Feels so good,” Eric said. “Fuck DateMaker.” 

“Yeah,” Max said. “Fuck DateMaker. BateMaker is where it’s at!” 

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