This is a repost from a Tumblr series that I called “My perfect dad.” I’m preserving these older stories and continuing to write new ones available on this site first.

When I returned to full awareness, I was on my knees. This part was not uncommon. Son often switched me off when He had some new programming to install in my head. Sometimes, I would wake up hours, even days later, in a different location, wearing different clothes. There was always a moment of disorientation before Son’s programming activated, but in a minute or two the installation would be complete, and the new information would override anything I’d previously thought or believed. 

The difference this time was that there was no new programming. I knelt on the cold pavement waiting for the new thoughts to fill my head, but nothing did. 

“This is My dad.” The voice of my hot Son instantly made me hard. This was programmed behavior, of course, but I totally would have gotten hard anyway. He was sexy and dominant in His leather uniforms, and His voice was gruff and gravelly, just like I like it. I looked up and saw my Son approaching with Stranger. That wasn’t His name, of course, but my Son programmed me to be unable to remember anyone else’s name. I’m fine with that. Everyone but my Son is Stranger in my mind.

“What’s wrong with him?” Stranger asked. 

“Nothing,” Son replied. It was obvious They were talking about me. 

“Obviously something, if you don’t want him anymore,” Stranger said. “He’s a little older than he looked in the photos.” 

Son sidled up to me and placed a gloved hand on the back of my head. I leaned backward into His touch and wanted so badly to moan in pleasure. I wouldn’t dare, though, as I’d not been given permission to speak. 

“He’s 43,” Son said. “And there’s nothing wrong with him. I’m moving out of state at the end of the month, and I can’t take him with Me. I need to find a good home for him.” 

This was the first time I’d heard that Son was planning to move, and my heart almost jumped out of my chest with anxiety. Son must have picked up on this because He gently stroked the back of my leather cap. “Easy, dad,” He said. I instantly calmed down. “This nice man might adopt you.” 

Stranger looked down at me and put a hand on my throat. It had been so long since someone had touched me with their bare hands. Son only ever touched me with leather gloves on. Stranger wore different leathers than Son. It was exciting to feel the warmth of His skin and to smell Him. I smiled. 

“The leather cop stuff will have to go,” Stranger said. “Not my vibe.” 

“That’s fine,” Son said, producing a small, worn piece of folded paper from His pocket. “My dad is programmable. Here’s his list of commands. Whatever You want him to be, he’ll be.” 

Stranger took the piece of paper and unfolded it, and then He looked me straight in the eye and said some words I didn’t understand. I got that weird, fuzzy feeling, the feeling of new programming starting to take over. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, and when I opened them, everything was different. 

I had two Sons, my leather cop Son and my motorcycle stud Son. I was confused as I looked back and forth at them. 

“What’s the matter, dad?” Leather cop Son said. 

“I’m confused, Son,” I stammered. “Which one of You do I obey?” 

Motorcycle stud Son laughed that gravelly laugh I love. I felt myself get even harder in my tight pants. “Both of Us. For now.” He stepped back and crooked His finger, beckoning me to follow. “Come on, dad. We’ve got to get to know each other.” 

I looked at Leather cop Son, and He nodded slowly. I stood and followed Motorcycle stud Son, feeling confused and disoriented with each step. I heard a voice call after me. 

“It’s been fun, dad. Be good.” 

I nodded at Stranger, but I had no idea what He was talking about. Thankfully, my hot Son was waiting for me on His motorcycle. I climbed on behind Him and held on tight. I loved my hot Son. 

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