This is a repost from a Tumblr series that I called “My perfect dad.” I’m preserving these older stories and continuing to write new ones available on this site first.

Hey, I know you were expecting to see Jay. After all, He’s the one you’ve been chatting with, and He’s the one you made plans to meet today. But before you go out for your date, I want to take a minute to get to know you. I’m His dad, and I like to know a little bit about the guys who date my Son. Jay’s a special young man, and He deserves only the best in a boyfriend. 

Have a seat on the sofa. Yeah, right there. I’ll sit right next to you. You seem like a nice enough guy. You’re Jay’s type. So, man, where are you taking Him on your date? 

Nice choice, my friend. He likes that place. Is that what you’re planning to wear? It’s just that my Son likes His boyfriends to put a little more effort into their appearance. My Son is a special young man, and to be honest, you look a little too casual to go out on a date with Him. I think I’ve got a sweater vest you can borrow. 

Yeah, man, throw that sweater vest on. Much better! Looks good on you. We ought to talk about your hair, too. My Son likes His boyfriends bald. We can swing by our barber and get you nice and shaved. Have him take care of that mustache, too. 

One more thing, man. And it’s kind of important. I know you and Jay have been chatting about dating, but I’ve got to break some news to you. Jay isn’t looking for a boyfriend. He’s looking for a dad. Yeah, another dad. 

You want to be my Son’s handsome, obedient second dad? There’s plenty of room in the house for another dad, as long as you don’t mind pulling your weight around here. Our Son keeps us busy with chores. 

Oh, hey, Son! You’re back early. Yup, just chatting with dad #2 here, waiting for You to come home so Your old dads could get dinner started. 

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