Cody perched uneasily on the edge of a sleek, black leather chair in Spence’s penthouse apartment, the city lights a distant, glittering backdrop through the expansive wall of windows. Rain streamed down the glass, and thunderclaps struck a startling counterpoint to the nervous beating of Cody’s heart. Spence’s great room was drenched in shadow, save for the stark white light of a single modern lamp and the occasional bolt of lightning. Cody always felt inferior in Spence’s presence, but being in Spence’s home only exacerbated the gulf between the mild-mannered software developer and his privileged, multimillionaire Master.  

The lamp cast an austere glow over Spence as he sat opposite Cody, his expression unreadable, his posture rigidly controlled, and his leather-gloved hands clenched into fists. Unlike Cody, who carried the unmistakable signs of a life spent in the sedentary glow of computer screens, Spence embodied the apex of privilege and grooming. His face, chiseled and symmetrical, held a piercing gaze with eyes like polished steel, sharp with intelligence but devoid of warmth.  

A lightning strike again illuminated the night sky, startling the already apprehensive Cody. Spence smirked and relaxed into his chair, his fitted leather uniform creaking with every movement as Cody squirmed, waiting for permission to speak. Cody avoided looking directly into Spence’s eyes whenever possible, as the sheer power of the man’s gaze compelled him to follow Spence’s lead and obey his commands even when he didn’t want to. Casting his eyes downward was safer, but it only drew his attention to his inferiority.  

Cody’s attire, a muted blend of practicality and forgotten intentions of style, left much to be desired. Clad in a slightly wrinkled button-down shirt, its fabric hinting at better days, and comfortable slacks that accommodated his slightly fuller midsection, he prioritized comfort and utility. His tech-oriented lifestyle left him with little interest in or time for sartorial concerns.  

Spence glanced at his wristwatch and then peered at Cody beneath the brim of his peaked cap. “You may speak.”  

A surge of pleasure washed over Cody at the sound of his Master’s low, gravelly voice. He struggled to think clearly as Spence’s power and authority threatened to engulf what remained of his free will.  

“Thank you, Sir,” Cody began, his voice shaky against the silence. “I’ve been thinking. I need to end this… this arrangement.”  

Spence’s expression was inscrutable. His eyes didn’t flicker, his voice cold as he responded. “End it? You want to walk away from everything I’ve given you?”  

Spence’s eyes lowered to Cody’s crotch. Cody wondered whether a wet spot had formed on his trousers, betraying hyperarousal at his state of subjugation. Spence had locked Cody in chastity in one of their early encounters. After months of denial and repression, Cody’s cock was constantly leaking precum.  

“This lifestyle isn’t for me,” Cody said, feeling a knot tighten in his stomach. The memory of every transaction, every transfer—it had started as a thrill, a game, but it had spiraled into something far darker and all consuming. “It’s too much. The control, the money, it’s overwhelming. I’m losing myself to it.”  

“There’s no self to lose,” Spence replied sharply. His upper body, honed to near perfection through daily, rigorous workouts, rose and fell with each measured breath. His custom leather uniforms were meticulously crafted to accentuate his muscular frame such that, even at rest, he asserted a dominant, imposing image. “You are what I make you, Cody. You enjoy the humiliation as much as you revel in the pleasure.”  

Cody averted his eyes from Spence again. Every element of his Master’s appearance had been curated to project power and control, making Spence the most striking presence in any setting. But here, alone together, Cody found Spence’s dominance overwhelming.  

“Admit it,” Spence continued, tracing a line across his stubble with a gloved finger. “You crave the degradation of making Me even richer. You love the way it strips you bare.”  

Cody’s heart raced, his conflict exposed in the chill of the room. His cock released a bead of precum into his trousers. Spence, for all his cruelty, spoke the truth. Having gone months without being allowed to cum, Cody ached with the humiliating acknowledgment of his own desires.  

Cody nodded. Spence stood, approaching Cody with measured steps. His boots rapped against the floor, growing louder as he neared. Spence loomed over Cody, his presence as oppressive as the mounting debt Cody had assumed in Spence’s service. Cody’s eyes rolled back as he caught the scent of leather and musk.  

“I know you, Cody,” Spence whispered. “You think freedom will make you happy. But you’re wrong. You thrive only under My command. Your purpose comes from your submission.”  

Spence reached down and clutched Cody’s full balls hanging below his cock cage. Cody’s eyes dropped to the floor, a mix of shame and a perverse thrill coursing through him. He winced as Spence gripped his balls tighter and began to squeeze. Cody knew the penalty would be expensive if he overreacted to the pain.  

“Look at Me,” Spence commanded.  

Reluctantly, Cody raised his eyes to Spence’s. In them, he saw the cool, detached assessment of a superior man appraising his possession. Cody felt his willpower eroding with every passing second under Spence’s gaze.  

“Oh, God,” he murmured. “I’m never going to escape this.”  

An involuntary chuckle escaped Spence’s lips. “You will continue to serve, give, pay, and surrender everything to Me.”  

The shreds of Cody’s crumbling independence coalesced for one pathetic last stand. “And if I r-refuse?” he stammered.  

Spence’s smile was thin, almost imperceptible. “You won’t. You can’t. You’re too entwined in this, too addicted to the pain and the pleasure. Besides, I can make things very difficult for you, Cody. Think about what you have to lose.”  

The threat hung in the air, heavy and ominous. Cody felt a cold sweep through him, chilling him to the bone. He knew Spence was right; the ties that bound him were woven from his own weaknesses. His dark cravings were responsible for his hopeless predicament. The futile hope of regaining any control over his sexuality dissipated into the ether. Spence kept the only key to the chastity device. If Cody walked away from Spence, he’d never have sex again.  

“Okay,” Cody whispered, his voice barely audible. The resignation felt like a defeat, yet strangely comforting in its familiarity.  

Spence released his stranglehold on Cody’s caged junk and held his hand out. Cody retrieved his wallet from his trouser pocket and placed it in Spence’s waiting palm. Spence opened it and smiled as he pulled a wad of cash from the billfold.  

“You wanted to end this arrangement, and yet, you came to My house with this?” Spence taunted as he inspected the bills. “There’s got to be a thousand dollars here.”  

“$1,260,” Cody said.  

Spence emptied the wallet of cash and cards and threw it onto Cody’s lap. “Good boy. Now put your pathetic ideas of independence out of your mind. And open wide.”  

Cody did as Spence commanded. Spence placed one of Cody’s credit cards between Cody’s teeth. Cody bit down, holding the card steady.  

“I’ll be back in an hour,” Spence said, pocketing Cody’s cash and remaining cards. “You know what to do.”  

Cody nodded. As Spence retreated into the shadows, the city’s lights outside seemed to mock Cody with their distant, untouchable freedom. He removed the card from his mouth and brandished his smartphone, dialing the 1-800 number with trembling hands.  

“Hi, I’d like to… request a credit line increase.”  

As he waited on hold, his caged cock throbbed with a long overdue need for release. He sat back in the leather wingback chair, lost in the bleak, luxurious expanse of Spence’s penthouse, a prisoner of his own making.  

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