Buzzwords, the city’s trendy local cafe frequented by university students and business executives alike, was always busy on Sunday mornings. The rush of early-morning errand runners had already come through, and with the after-church crowds now pouring in seeking coffee and brunch, free tables were scarce. Theo snagged one of the last remaining two tops by the front door and fidgeted nervously, awaiting his date’s arrival. 

The faint scent of starch emanated from his crisp, white, button-down shirt, and his caged junk twitched in his dark gray trousers as he scanned the room, wondering whether any of the men already here was his date. Each time the cafe doors opened, the April wind whirled around him, making him grateful for the open-necked shirt collar. The last thing he needed was to spend the date subduing a necktie determined to flap around in the breeze. 

Master Donovan’s instructions had been explicit. Meet at 10:30 a.m. sharp and act like you know each other. Theo wasn’t sure how perfect strangers would do this convincingly, but if Jamie was anything like Theo, they would find a way to comply. The performative aspect of Donovan’s control didn’t come naturally for a mild-mannered research librarian like Theo, and he initially struggled to put himself sufficiently on display to please his Master. Over the last months, however, Theo’s submissive nature won out over his shyness, and he’d grown far more comfortable following Master Donovan’s commands in public, even when they were confusing, embarrassing, or more commonly, expensive. 

Theo glanced at his phone. It was 10:30 on the dot. The bell over the door jingled, and another chill breeze whipped around his body. He shivered, looked up at the door, and locked eyes with the man who’d just entered. Theo recognized the expression on the stranger’s face—a combination of pleasure and bewilderment at the totality of his submission to the orders of a superior Man. Theo himself had spent a lot of time walking around the city with that same stupefied expression plastered on his face. Master taught His submissives to derive pleasure from being passengers in their own bodies. 

The two men shared a brief nod, instantly recognizing that they were both here on Master Donovan’s orders. Theo stood and offered a hand to shake but remembered Master’s command to act like this was a date and awkwardly switched to a hug. His companion stood about six inches taller than Theo’s modest 5’7”, and Theo’s chin naturally landed in the crook of the man’s neck for the embrace. 

“It’s good to see you again,” Theo said, starting the conversation off with the pretense of familiarity. 

“You, too.” The man leaned forward and whispered into Theo’s ear. “I’m Jamie, by the way.” 

“Theo here.” 

Jamie winked and grinned, breaking the ice. Theo was relieved they could acknowledge the absurdity of their situation, even if only through body language. It helped that Jamie, with his curly black hair, warm, dark brown eyes, and robust build that suggested an active lifestyle, was drop-dead gorgeous. Theo silently thanked Master Donovan for pairing him with a sexy co-submissive. 

The two men took turns placing their orders at the counter and, once the coffees and scones were on the table, they tried to settle into their date. “I hear the scones here are excellent,” Jamie said, his voice a mix of excitement and underlying nervousness. Theo nodded, wondering if Jamie was straining at the confines of his own chastity cage as much as he was. 

“Donovan recommends this place often,” Theo said. 

Jamie’s ever-present grin widened into a full smile at the mention of their common thread. “Donovan has impeccable taste,” he quipped, looking Theo up and down. Theo blushed at the not-so-subtle flirtation and then glanced down at his phone as it buzzed on the table. Jamie’s phone echoed the notification, and simultaneously, they reached for their devices, a choreographed movement that neither had anticipated. 

The message was from Master Donovan, clear and commanding. Drink your coffees and share a scone. Discuss what you can offer Me beyond your usual tributes. Be open, be honest. 

Theo’s cheeks tinged even further with red, not just from the embarrassment of the order but from the thrill of being so openly manipulated by Donovan. Jamie noticed the blush and felt a similar warmth spread through him, the humiliation and excitement creating a rush of endorphins through his system. 

Jamie broke a scone in two and bit into his half. Theo tentatively started the conversation Donovan had dictated. “I’ve been thinking of getting Master a new sculpture for His studio,” he said, his voice almost a whisper, as if afraid to be overheard. “I’ve noticed Him mentioning a few artists He likes.” 

“That sounds thoughtful,” Jamie replied, playing with the edge of his napkin. “I was considering an expensive set of knives for His kitchen. He enjoys cooking when He has the time.” 

The conversation continued awkwardly between discussing potential gifts for Master Donovan and their experiences living under His control. Theo learned that Jamie was a professional chef, which made sense given the man’s vibrant presence. His physique spoke to such a career—strong, used to long hours on his feet, and quick hands skilled at crafting culinary delights. The laugh lines around his eyes spoke to Jamie’s constant readiness to smile, and as the conversation progressed, Theo found it became less and less necessary to pretend to be infatuated with him. 

“How long has Master kept you locked?” Jamie asked, abruptly changing the subject from more innocent topics of work and hobbies. 

“113 days,” Theo said, a little too quickly. Jamie laughed, his dark brown eyes practically sparkling with amusement. 

“Nice. I’m on day 79 myself.” Jamie paused and swirled the last of his coffee around inside the mug. “Do you ever miss it?” 

“Getting off? Yeah, I think about it every day.” 

Jamie visibly relaxed. “Thank goodness. I didn’t want to be the only one who struggled with being sexually frustrated all the time.” 

Theo shook his head. “I think Master prefers us that way. I’ve become way easier to control after months of denial and repression.” 

“It’s nice to have somebody who gets it,” Jamie said. “Submitting to Donovan has definitely created some hard-to-explain changes in my life.” 

Then, another buzz of the phones. Theo and Jamie checked their messages again, fingers trembling slightly. 

Hold hands. Make it look natural. Remember, this is about more than just you. 

With a hesitant glance, Theo reached across the table, offering his hand. Jamie took it, his grip firm and reassuring. Their eyes met, and for a moment, the rest of Buzzwords melted away. They were just two men, connected by their submission, shared vulnerability, and the intricate dance of their relationship with Master Donovan. 

As they held hands, Theo felt the weight of the metal device locked onto his cock and balls and the growing pinch of discomfort as his member swelled inside its confines. The cage wasn’t just a tool to frustrate him, it was a constant reminder of Master’s control, both a burden and a comfort. From Jamie’s slight smile, Theo knew the feeling was mutual. 

Their hands remained joined in the center of the table as their conversation slowly became more genuine, moving beyond the initial awkwardness and getting-to-know-you pleasantries. They talked about their hopes, their fears, and what Master Donovan’s control brought to their lives—structure, discipline, challenge, and a particular kind of freedom. 

Date’s over. That’ll be $100 from each of you. 

Their coffees were long empty and by now, Buzzwords had turned over to the lunch crowd. Theo looked at the message with a mix of disappointment and desire. He loved being ordered to pay Donovan, and the knowledge that Jamie was similarly commanded to enrich their Master caused a bead of precum to escape from his cage. At the same time, Theo would have been perfectly happy to spend the rest of the day in Jamie’s company. 

“Master has spoken,” Jamie said, pulling up his payment app and transferring the funds. “I hope I’m not speaking out of turn by saying I hope He makes us go on another date soon. It was fun pretending to be your boyfriend.” 

“Are we still just pretending?” Theo said, only half joking. 

Jamie winked and subtly adjusted himself in his snug black jeans. “You’ll have to ask my Master.” 

Kiss each other goodbye, but don’t enjoy it too much. 

Jamie leaned in and gave Theo a chaste peck on the cheek. Theo made a mental note to pay Master Donovan an extra $100 as penalty for his disobedience. He enjoyed the kiss way too much. 

The two men parted ways with a promise to think about more ways they could serve their Master, both as individuals and as a manufactured couple. Each felt pleasure at satisfaction in knowing they had obeyed Donovan’s commands for their date, and perhaps in doing so, had started something meaningful between them. 

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