M4M kink writing. Control and transformation of men. 18+ only.

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Relaxing My Uptight Roommate

 Author: Jay Hypno  Category: Hypno, Transformation  Published: 2022-09-12  Pages: 31  Language: English  File Size: 263 kb  Tags: hypnotransformation |  Buy Now

Matt’s attraction to Oscar blinded him to the fact that they would be completely incompatible as roommates. After six months of living together, Oscar’s endless set of house rules has just about driven Matt crazy. As tensions between them rise, Matt rebels, Oscar holds his ground, and their already fragile roommate relationship starts to break down.

Enter Rex, an executive wellness coach who offers to mediate the disagreement. Matt is skeptical, but everything changes when Oscar reveals in a hypnotic trance that the attraction is mutual. Matt makes some suggestions to improve their relationship, and suddenly, Oscar is the perfect roommate. The two men explore new facets of their relationship, but as they grow closer, Matt starts to wonder if Oscar isn’t the only one changing.

Relaxing My Uptight Roommate is a 6,600-word short story. All content in this story is fictional and describes activities between consenting, unrelated adults who are 18+.


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