M4M kink writing. Control and transformation of men. 18+ only.

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My Master’s Wallet

 Author: Jay Hypno  Category: Findom  Published: 2022-08-10  Pages: 28  Language: English  File Size: 1024 kb  Tags: financial domination |  Buy Now

Newly single and on the rebound, a forty-something gay man has been let down by hookup apps one time too many. Discouraged by endless swiping and being ghosted, he has low expectations when he meets Brent, a smoking hot guy half his age.

Brent turns out to be a smart, well dressed surprise, but everything changes on their first date. When Brent demands the older man’s cash, he unlocks a submissive streak that begs to be harnessed and forever changes the dynamic between them.

As time passes and Brent’s control advances into ownership, it becomes clear that while some men make great hookups and great boyfriends, some are destined to be nothing more than Master’s wallet.

My Master’s Wallet is a 6,800-word short story for sale exclusively on Amazon. All content in this story is fictional and describes activities between consenting, unrelated adults who are 18+.


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